MACM promotes domestic relations mediation and provides support for domestic relations mediators throughout the State of Michigan. MACM offers training, creates opportunity for communication and networking and influences policy making related to domestic relations mediation.

MACM was founded in 1985 by a group of Friend of the Court personnel who recognized the benefit to children and parents of using the process of mediation to create divorce agreements and to resolve their custody and parenting time disputes.

Mediation has grown to be widely recognized as a way to reduce the financial and emotional cost of litigation and to bring quicker resolution to custody and parenting time issues. The process of mediation involves bringing parents together to make collaborative decisions to better meet the needs and interests of the entire family, and tends to bring about decisions that are more lasting and acceptable to both parents.

Michigan Mediators need ongoing training. MACM hosts an annual conference, including a variety of topics and speakers, to provide its members with advanced mediation training and continuing education credits for other licenses.

Michigan Mediators need to network with their colleagues. In addition to the annual conference, MACM also hosts and maintains this website,, where members can stay up to date on the latest information and resources related to mediation as well as interface with fellow mediators.

Michigan Mediators need an organization to represent the interests of mediation. A professional organization adds legitimacy to the practice of mediation. By joining together, MACM serves its mission to advance the use of mediation with policy makers, the judiciary, other organizations and the public.